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Aug 09
How will I know If My Referral Has Generated A Sale?

You will receive a notification and will also see from your promoter's dashboard.

Aug 09
What Payment System Do I Have To Use?

My Building Plans team makes payments using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This…

Aug 09
When Will I Get My Money?

Your payment will be made within 7 days after you made your withdrawal. The minimum…

Aug 09
How Much Will I Get From Each Referred Purchase?

You’ll receive 10{f457f77158a935d56b8bf3c55820bf46e57c97843c063dc1f65c3e289510137e}…

Aug 09
Are There Banners To Put On My Site?

Yes! You can find the banners in the package located in your promotes dashboard. Feel…

Aug 09
How Can I Manage My Promoter's Account?

You can get all the information about the visits from your referrals, the payouts,…

Aug 09
How to Register in Promoter's Program?

Please, create an account on My Building Plans website and you will automatically be…

Aug 09
Who Can Become A Promoter?

We’re happy to welcome practically everyone! So, if You’re a blogger running Your own…