How Much Will I Get From Each Referred Purchase?

Your earnings depend on your Affiliate Level

  • Basic Level: 5% of every sale price (Free)
    Suitable for someone testing the waters. This is a default level and is free everyone who signs up to our website is set to this level by default.
  • Sponsor Level: 10% of every sale price. (Minimum R1200.00)
    Suitable for someone who does not have time to share our content post on social media accounts. We set up Facebook ads to the amount that you sponsored with less R150 Ad Admin fee. i.e If you sponsor with R 1200 we will run an ad with your affiliate link for R 1200 – R150 (admin fee) = R1050. You will receive 10% of every sale generated from this ad.

NB: You can start with the Basic level to raise money to upgrade to the Sponsor level without using your own cash.


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