We’re happy to welcome practically everyone! So, if You’re a blogger running Your own website, or own social media account, or a marketing consultant, we’ll be glad if you help us spread the word about My Building Plans service and help the ranks of our clients grow!

My Building Plans Admin   Aug 9, 2018  

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Your earnings depend on your Affiliate rank

  • * Basic Level: 5% of every sale price
  • ** Hard Worker Level: 10% of every sale price.


You will earn 10% commission of your downline. i.e if an affiliate who joined the program through your referral earns R1000 for a sale you will earn R100. So start building your downline

Earning Potential

Our Cheapest Plan is R3500 -Basic Level =R175 & Hard Worker Level = R350   and the most expensive is R 14 994  - Basic Level =R750 & Hard Worker Level = R1499


NB: Lifetime Commission! You will earn your commission from the client that you referred for every sale generated from the client that you referred

  • * Basic Level - Every person that creates an account with My Building Plans South Africa, automatically becomes a basic level affiliate
  • ** Hard Worker Level - If you generate 10000 leads or refer R250000 worth of sale you affiliate account will be automatically be promoted to Hard Worker Level

My Building Plans Admin   Aug 9, 2018  

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