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Make us popular by sharing our website and post on your social media platforms. We will pay you 10% of the total invoice for every sale that you referred to us.

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How Much Can I Earn?

With our influencer program, the sky is the limit. it depends on how hard you work. the more sales you help us generate the more you will earn. see the sample below.

Influencer Program

You will receive a notification and will also see the referral from your affiliate's dashboard.

mobatly   Sep 24, 2021  

My Building Plans South Africa makes payments to affiliates using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This means you need to have a valid South African Bank Account to receive your payments.

mobatly   Sep 24, 2021  

Your payment will be made after you have generated a withdrawal request. NB: The minimum payment is R 1000.

mobatly   Sep 24, 2021  

You can get all the information about the visits from your referrals, the payouts, statistics, and get URL links and banners in your Affiliate's Dashboard.

mobatly   Sep 24, 2021  

We’re happy to welcome practically everyone! So, if You’re a blogger running Your own website, or own social media account, or a marketing consultant, we’ll be glad if you help us spread the word.

mobatly   Sep 24, 2021  

You will earn 5% of every sale that you refer to us.

mobatly   Sep 24, 2021  

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