Copper Brass Stovetop Coffee Pot (Briki, Ibrik, Cezve)
This stovetop coffee pot is ideal for making traditional Turkish, Greek, or Arabic coffee. Handmade in Greece, it features a polished copper finish and is also known as a briki, ibrik, or cezve.
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Modern Loft Living
Spacious Kitchen Design
Modern Kitchen with Character
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Modern Kitchen with Underglow
Eclectic Bedroom Retreat
Elegant Minimalist Kitchen
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Marble Elegance in Design
Stellar Space-Themed Bedroom
Modern Black Kitchen
Sleek Marble Kitchen
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Balloon Dreams Bedroom
Stylish Monochrome Kitchen
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Tranquil Artistic Retreat Bedroom
Bright Minimalist Kitchen
Contemporary Bedroom Haven
Luxurious Light-Filled Kitchen
Modern Minimalist Bedroom
Luxurious Contemporary Dining Room
Pink Princess Bedroom
Modern Monochrome Bedroom
Elegant Minimalist Bedroom
Mountain View Dining Elegance
Classic Elegance Bedroom
Sleek Reflective Dining Room
Industrial-Style Kitchen Corner
Light and Reflective Dining Space
Warm Toned Dining Ambiance
Coastal Breeze Bedroom
Modern Monochrome Kitchen
Modern Kitchen Mood Lighting
Sunlit High-Gloss Kitchen
Seaside Serenity Diningroom
Modern Marble Kitchen
Coastal Comfort Bedroom
Sophisticated Forest-View Kitchen
Tranquil Classic Bedroom
Tranquil Retreat Bedroom
Contemporary Dining Space
Opulent Kitchen with Statement Lighting
Rustic Modern Kitchen
Minimalist Beach Vibe Dining
Sleek Reflective Kitchen
Sophisticated Open Shelf Kitchen
Sleek and Modern Dining Space
Sleek Marble and Chrome Kitchen
Warm Wood Tones Dining Room
Modern Elegance Dining Space
Enchanted Circle Bedroom
Rustic Bedroom Charm
Sophisticated Dining Kitchen
Woven Charm Diningroom
Modern Elegance Dining Room
Bold and Artistic Bedroom
Contemporary Wood & Marble Kitchen

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