Emergency Light by Ecoflow
The Ecoflow Emergency Light is a portable emergency light made of black ABS plastic with 24 LED bulbs. It automatically turns on during power failures and has two brightness settings, lasting for 12 hours at normal brightness and 6 hours at enhanced brightness. It features an intelligent charging program with overcharge protection, a 3.7V battery with 3.6 milliampere-hours, and takes 12 hours to fully charge. The product has dimensions of 95*85*198mm, a 5V USB output port for charging devices, a 6V DC input charging port for solar panel charging, and a waterproof rating of IPX2. The LED power consumption is 12W, delivering a maximum brightness of 800LM. The light has a red indicator while charging and turns green when fully charged, with an integrated retractable charging cable on the back.
Modern Marble-Clad Kitchen
Seaside Wood Kitchen
Spacious Kitchen Design
Light and Airy Scandinavian Dining Room
Elegant Kitchen with Lighting Accents
Chic Kitchen with Island Seating
Sleek and Modern Kitchen
Warm Toned Dining Ambiance
Chic Monochromatic Kitchen
Modern Wood Detail Kitchen
Contemporary Bedroom
Modern Wood Accent Kitchen
Sophisticated Suite
Bright Minimalist Dining Room
Elegant Minimalist Bedroom
Scandinavian Kitchen Simplicity
Elegant Marble Kitchen
Sleek Kitchen with Neutral Tones
Coastal Comfort Bedroom
Sleek Minimalist Bedroom
Sleek Monochrome Bedroom
Minimalist Kitchen with Warm Tones
Sleek Modern Kitchen
Luxurious Marble Kitchen
Luxe Marble Kitchen
Vibrant Textured Bedroom
Modern Minimalist Kitchen
Warm Wood Tones Dining Room
Rustic Chic Dining Experience
Nature-Inspired Sanctuary
Bright and Airy Kitchen
Sophisticated Wood-Tone Bedroom
Tranquil Retreat Bedroom
Elegant Gray-Tone Kitchen
Industrial-Style Kitchen Corner
Modern Kitchen with Marble Highlights
Contemporary Diningroom Charm
Sophisticated Black Kitchen
Bright Wood Kitchen
Bright Coastal Haven Bedroom
Luxurious Illuminated Kitchen
Sleek Ocean View Kitchen
Sleek and Spacious Kitchen
Modern Glam Dining Room
Seaside Serenity Diningroom
Refined Kitchen Elegance
Refined Elegance Dining Room
Harmonious Blend Kitchen
Artistic Bedroom Harmony
Sleek Monochromatic Kitchen
Classic Bedroom Elegance
Sleek and Modern Bedroom
Modern Soft Glow Bedroom
Luxurious Gather Dining Room
Copper Accents Dining Space
Luxurious Contemporary Dining Room
Princess Canopy Bedroom
Minimal Elegance Kitchen
Modern Dining Room
Modern Wood and Marble Kitchen
Contemporary Chic Dining Room
Rustic Modern Kitchen
Minimalist Urban Dining Room
Sleek and Modern Dining Space
Minimalist Bedroom Oasis
Playful Pastel Bedroom
Modern Gold-Accented Kitchen
Sleek Reflective Dining Room
Minimalist Design Kitchen
Contemporary Industrial Bedroom
Modern Monochrome Kitchen
Modern Kitchen Design
Modern Kitchen Design
Marble Accent Kitchen
Cheerful Pink Paradise Bedroom
Warm Contemporary Kitchen
Modern Kitchen Mood Lighting
Contemporary Neutral Kitchen
Contemporary Wood & Marble Kitchen
Cascading Elegance Open Dining Area
Contemporary Ringed Lighting Dining Room
Zen-Inspired Bedroom
Contemporary Bedroom Haven
Luxurious Modern Dining Room
Trendy Kitchen Illumination
Cozy Modern Nook Dining Space
Sleek Reflective Kitchen
Minimalist Winter Kitchen
Intimate Artistic Dining Nook
Bright and Airy Dining Room
Modern Elegance Dining Room
Warm Wooden Kitchen
Minimalist Bedroom Design
Modern Dining Space
Contemporary Chic Bedroom
Contemporary Charcoal Kitchen
Dark Marble Elegance Dining
Modern Minimalist Dining Room
Modern Glass-Walled Kitchen
Enchanted Circle Bedroom

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Cozy Modern Nook Dining Space
Cozy Modern Nook Dining Space
Contemporary Open Plan Dining
Contemporary Open Plan Dining
Light and Walnut Kitchen Oasis
Light and Walnut Kitchen Oasis
Sophisticated Modern Dining Room
Sophisticated Modern Dining Room
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Sophisticated Wood Accent Bedroom
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Modern Black Kitchen
Modern Marble Accented Kitchen
Modern Marble Accented Kitchen
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Minimalist Kitchen Design
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Industrial Edge Bedroom
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Warm Wood-Toned Kitchen
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