Invoice Date: 14/11/2020

My Building Plans South Africa
Block 4
150 Rivonia Road
Morningside Sandton
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Banking Details: My Building Plans South Africa

Bank: FNB | Acc: 62837834333 | Branch: 250655 | Swift: FIRNZAJJ

Bank: Standard Bank | Acc: 101 2666 002 4 | Branch: 2843 | Swift: SBZAZAJJ

  1. A minimum non-refundable deposit of R 1500 is required should the 10% of the quoted amount be less
    than R 1 500, payable as a commitment fee prior commencing with your project.
    50% to be paid after the approval of concepts design.
  2. Balance to be paid before final digital copies/hard copies are sent to the client.
  3. Site Visits will be charged at R1500 per visit. This only inclusive of traveling costs for a site
    with a 100 KM radius of Sandton. If outside the 100KM Please contact us for a quote.
  4. All structural details for concrete and steel fall outside the domain of architectural scope
    of work and are the responsibilities of the structural engineer (To be appointed by the client).
  5. All other consultants are the responsibilities of the client.
  6. The Municipal/Estate Preparation does not include submitting to the council (runner services) on Clients’ behalf
    but only the preparation of documents required by the council. Should the client require the runner
    service an extra R5000 invoice will be issued. (Only Available For Gauteng Clients at this stage)
  7. Should the custom design project take more than two months due to client’s non-payment and non-communication, such a project will be considered the abandoned project and listed on our
    website/catalog for sale.
  8. Our minimum fee is R 5000 for Rural (non-approval residential), R 8500 Commercial
    and R 8 500 for Municipal (Residential) and R 15 000 commercial projects.
    See Our Full Terms Conditions at HERE

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